Streets are the majority of our public space.

One day a year, let's open up those streets. Let's turn all that space into a playground for families, artists, cyclists, street performers... a place where everyone can play in the streets again.

Laughing kids Image courtesy of Switch: Open Street Sundays.

Without traffic,

discover a new city.

Without cars, streets become a place for creativity and community. The city becomes a canvas of endless possibility. Everyone gets a few hours to relax, have fun, and see the world totally differently.

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New York. Los Angeles. San Francisco. Pittsburgh. Paris. Bogota. Brussels.

Cities all around the world run regular Open Streets events. There are over 100 such events in US cities alone.

Some are massive. Some are small. In Bogota, Colombia they do an Open Streets event every Sunday. In Brussels, Belgium they open the entire city to people once a year.

Our goal is to design the perfect event for Washington DC.

Paris Sans Voitures

A Day for Everyone

to play in the streets.

The benefits of Open Streets events are tremendous. Here are just a few of the perks:

A DAY FORBusiness.

Open Streets events bring in new customers by the thousands. Restaurants expand, putting tables out in the streets. Businesses promote their brand with fun, outdoor 'pop-up' spaces.


Forget massive stages and expensive lighting. Let's make the streets a stage. Everywhere you go, find small, intimate performances and pop-up art installations that bring people together.

A DAY FORExercise.

Walk. Bike. Skip. Rollerblade. Hoverboard. In the middle of the street. The entire city belongs to you. Enjoy the freedom of Snowmageddon, without the cold.

A DAY FORInnovation.

All this extra space opens up endless possibilities and a chance to reimagine the entire city. This is a day for DC to make headlines as a place that supports innovation, creativity and culture.

A DAY FORFamilies.

Take the kids cycling around the city without fear of traffic. Discover open street theater performances. Participate in chalk art projects down the middle of Mass Ave. Play in four square tournaments.

A DAY FOR THEEnvironment.

Take a deep breath. Enjoy the quiet. Data from other cities show significant reductions in noise and air pollution on car-free days. Average noise levels drop 10 decibels. 10x reductions in nitric oxide. Carbon monoxide levels cut in half.

With your help

we can make this happen.

We're rallying public & private support so that DC government can launch the best Open Streets event in the world. Here's how you can help:

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About Us.

Open Streets DC is a group of DC residents who want to bring a little more freedom, spontaneity and creativity to DC's intersections. Our goal is to show DC government that there is public and private support for an Open Streets event in the nation's capital. WANT TO JOIN US?

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